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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has supported more than 2600 entrepreneurs

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On the eve of the upcoming SME Week from 15 to 21 October, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme has reached an important milestone: the Programme has supported more than 2600 entrepreneurs as more than 1300 exchanges between new and established entrepreneurs have been organised to date.

“The internationalisation of the EU's SMEs needs to be improved, given that relatively few SMEs export their goods and services either within or outside the EU. Both host and new entrepreneurs benefit from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme through enhancing their market access and identifying potential partners in other EU countries.”

At a ceremony in Brussels last night, entrepreneurs and the local contact points (intermediary organisations) were rewarded for their active and successful contributions to the Programme.

The competition's entries demonstrate that the Programme has gained traction – particularly over the last year – and that it is beneficial for new and host entrepreneurs alike, as well as for the EU economy. Five different award categories were used to evaluate the Best Success Story Video, the Most Successful Post Relationship Cooperation, the Best Business Concept from New Entrepreneurs, the Best Performing Host Entrepreneur as well as the Best Performing Intermediary Organisation.

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