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China IPR SME Helpdesk workshop ‘What’s in a name?’ – Nanjing, 9 October 2012 Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 08/10/2012, L-aħħar aġġornament: 29/04/2014

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Id-data tal-avveniment: 09/10/2012
Il-post fejn se jsir: The Westin Nanjing
201 Zhongyang Road - 210009 Nanjing - (China)
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Many people tend to think about patents or technology when they hear the term Intellectual Property, but it is important to realise that brands and trade marks are considered Intellectual Property as well.

Public perception plays an important role in how your products or services are perceived, especially in as vast a market as China. Because you invest time and money in building a strong brand and reputation, counterfeiting could be very damaging to your business. The China IPR SME Helpdesk and the European Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing are inviting you to an interactive workshop on Branding and Trade Mark Protection in China, which will address why it is crucial to register your trade mark as soon as possible to avoid future problems, and discuss different methods to legally enforce your trade mark in the case of infringement. The workshop will be held on 9 October 2012 in Nanjing.