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Tighter EU controls of methamphetamine and heroine precursors

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Stronger controls on drug precursors used in heroin and methamphetamine production have been proposed by the Commission today.

Securing legitimate trade in the EU's market for the main heroin precursor - by ensuring and extending the registration of business users - will allow companies to continue to actively cooperate in the worldwide fight against diversion of drug precursors and fight against illicit drug production.

Drug precursors are legal chemicals contained in a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, perfumes and plastics, but which can also be illegally diverted to produce narcotics. The two proposals adopted today seek to close loopholes in current legislation on drug precursors that could be exploited by illegal drug producers. They reinforce the controls on specific chemicals, both within the Single Market and at the EU borders through Customs. In doing so, the proposed new rules can contribute to early stage prevention of illicit drug manufacturing, which is an important pillar of the EU drug strategy.

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