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Flash Eurobarometer on Space Activities

Europeans are well aware and positive about EU space activities

The Flash Eurobarometer (Flash No 355) on space activities of the European Union was conducted in July 2012 in order to examine our citizens’ awareness, expectations and wishes regarding space based services and their opinion on the role of the EU in the development of space activities.

Our economies and our daily life increasingly depend on space based systems and infrastructures. Be it for weather forecasting, telecommunications, television, financial transactions, our transport systems as well as for our security. Satellites have already a direct impact on our lives and surely this trend will increase more and more in the decades to come.

This is why the EU centres its action in the space field on the wellbeing of its citizens. Its interest also focuses on how space can support our economy by creating growth and jobs. Space programmes are indeed highly innovative; they create opportunities for new services as well as technology spin-offs in other sectors.

Thanks to this survey we have now a realistic (and positive) view on the perception that European citizens have of EU space activities.

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