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Survey on possible research needs in Horizon 2020 "Secure Societies" Publicēts: 19/07/2012, Pēdējā atjaunināšana: 12/09/2012

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Gala termiņš: 16/09/2012

This survey addresses Security Research under Horizon 2020, covering the whole period of Horizon 2020, i.e. 2014–2020.

Objective of the consultation

It aims at collecting stakeholders' views and suggestions on challenges and derived research needs linked to the Horizon 2020 'Secure Societies' mission areas, including an indication of short-, mid-, and long-term relevance and on implementation instruments (funding schemes)
The survey will end on 16th of September 2012.

Policy field(s)

All research stakeholders, end-users, citizens, non governmental organisations, industry and other relevant organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

Target group(s)

All research stakeholders, national authorities, citizens, industry and relevant organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

How to submit your contribution

Respondents should submit their contribution by accessing the online questionnaire.

Received contributions will be published on the Internet. It is important to read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

View the questionnaire

The maximum time to complete the questionnaire allowed by the system is limited to 90 minutes. Partial responses will not be saved. This means once you start filling in the questionnaire, you have to answer all compulsory questions to submit your reply. If you exceed the time allowed, your reply will be lost. You can, however, preview/print a PDF version of the online questionnaire to help you to prepare your response.

Contact Details

DG Enterprise and Industry, Unit H3 Security research and development
45 Avenue d'Auderghem, 1040 Brussels, Belgium 

List of relevant policy documents

A document containing links to relevant policy documents can be found below.

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