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2013 EU Citizenship Report "EU citizens - Your rights, your future" Objavljeno: 13/07/2012

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The European Commission likes to know about any obstacles you might be facing in your daily life as a European citizen living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling within the EU. We would also like to hear your ideas about how to remove these obstacles and further develop EU citizenship.<br/><br/>

As a national of an EU country you are also a citizen of the European Union. This gives you a number of rights agreed by all 27 EU countries:

  • to travel and live anywhere in the EU
  • not to be discriminated against on the basis of your nationality
  • to vote and stand as a candidate in municipal and European Parliament elections wherever you live in the EU
  • if your own country is not represented, to be assisted by another EU country's embassy or consulate outside the EU, under the same conditions as a citizen of that country
  • to petition the European Parliament and to bring a case to the European Ombudsman
  • to initiate, together with other EU citizens, a citizens' initiative to call for new EU legislation.

These rights apply not only if you decide to live in another EU country but also when travelling or staying for a short period elsewhere in the EU (for instance as a tourist, student, trainee, frontier worker, weekly commuter, patient, for business, etc.), or even when you're shopping online.

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