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New forum to discuss simplifcation of VAT

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European Commission sets up EU VAT Forum where business and tax authorities strive to improve the way VAT works in practice. <br/>

The forum's tasks will be:

  • to create a platform where business and national tax authorities' experts can informally discuss tax administration issues in the field of VAT with which both parties are currently confronted in a cross-border environment;
  • to discuss practical insights provided by tax authorities, as well as business experts, and to elaborate on possible ways to manage the current VAT system more efficiently, including by combating fraud, in the interest of both parties with a view to achieving a smoother functioning of the current VAT system;
  • to assist the Commission in promoting good practice including the use of IT, which could culminate in a more efficient, secure, fairer and cost-effective VAT system in the interests of both parties;
  • to work, where necessary, in cooperation with any other appropriate bodies or committees dealing with VAT and administrative cooperation in the tax field.

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