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New space videos on the EU Enterprise channel are online Publicat la data de: 12/07/2012, Ultima actualizare: 30/06/2015

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Space Debris

For over 50 years, humans have been actively launching spacecraft and satellites into space, often without considering what happens to the remaining debris or how to remove inactive satellites from the crowded orbits. This video takes a look at the issue and the measures put in place by the European Commission to address the challenge.


Space Weather

Although the Sun is 150 million kilometres away from us, any activity on its surface can not only impact life of astronauts operating in the International Space Station, but can also directly affect and disturb our daily lives on Earth – satellites, infrastructures and normal functioning of telecommunications. This video highlights the work of the European Commission to ensure space experts and researchers will be able to predict and mitigate the potential destructive impact of space weather on our lives.


Space Data Exploitation

Satellites collect a vast amount of data from space. Often collected in raw status, the datasets need to be processed in order to become valuable and meaningful information to the scientific community at large. The video shows the commitment of the EU to support a wide range of space research projects funded under the EU FP7 in order to ensure the exhaustive exploitation of valuable space data.

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