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The Mediterranean and Europe: Current Cooperation and Future Perspectives in Sustainable Tourism Objavljeno: 29/06/2012, Zadnja sprememba: 03/07/2015

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Datum: 21/06 > 22/06/2012
Kraj: Brussels - (Belgium)
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The seminar focused on the work programme of the Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation for 2011-2012. This work programme recommended an exchange of information between EU and Mediterranean partner countries on policies, activities, and sustainable tourism projects.

The seminar focused on the exchange of good practice and presented recent developments in EU tourism. There was a particular focus on sustainability. Participants engaged in dialogue and debate.

The possibility to extend European Commission initiatives such as EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence, promoting sustainable tourism models) and Calypso (enabling tourism in the off-season) to Mediterranean countries was also explored.

Representatives from Croatia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia explained their national strategies for improving sustainability in tourism.

Presentations from the seminar