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China IPR SME Helpdesk workshops ‘Trade Secrets and Non-Competition’ Paskelbta: 28/06/2012

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Renginio data: 03/07 > 04/07/2012
Vieta: Chongqing, 3 July and Chengdu, 4 July 2012
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The China IPR SME Helpdesk is organising a workshop on ‘Trade Secrets and Non-Competition: Protecting IP with Employees and Business Partners’. The workshop will address why trade secrets are important to protect your company’s IP, how HR can be used to protect IP and, give insight in how trade secrets can be used in commercial relationships. The workshop will be held in Chongqing on 3 July and in Chengdu on 4 July. Detailed information can be found on the Helpdesk website: Chongqing | Chengdu.