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Europe INNOVA 2012 - STRESS TEST OF EUROPEAN INNOVATION POLICY Opublikowano w dniu : 29/05/2012

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Do you know what “Stress Test of Innovation Policy” means?

There is only one way to find out:

Register now to participate at the Europe INNOVA 2012 conference in Copenhagen 23-24 October 2012.

- What is Europe INNOVA 2012 about?

We will stress test three central themes within the innovation policy:

  • SME innovation support schemes
  • Commercial exploitation of knowledge, IP and inventions
  • Networks and cluster policies

- Europe INNOVA 2012 will   

  1. Test the civil servants and find the bureaucrat in you
  2. Discuss what an effective eco-innovation system should look like
  3. Hear the worst case story about a cluster organisation in Europe
  4. Find out what happened to some of the two hundred thousand projects that have obtained support in Europe during the past decade
  5. Try to find the worst policy maker in Europa
  6. Try to make the “perfect” SME-programme owner
  7. Discuss the ten innovations we need in the 21st century in order to solve the grand challenges
  8. Discuss the success criteria for modern innovation policy makers
  9. Test your skills – Are you a modern innovation policy maker?

- Why should you participate?

The current economic situation in Europe calls for excellent innovation policies. This requires that policy makers and programme owners at the national and European level maximize the outcome and impact of investments.

Why not learn from the best in Europe and the crucial mistakes on the way to success?

Be a better policy maker and programme manager by avoiding mistakes done ten thousand times in Europe!  It is important that you share your experience and learn from innovation policies in other European countries.

  • What is modern innovation policy?
  • How can we obtain a higher impact of current and future investments in R&D and innovation support?
  • Should we move from a project oriented innovation policy to a systemic innovation policy?
  • Which policies and schemes have worked and which have not?
  • What are the successes and – even more importantly – how can we learn from each other’s mistakes and failures on our way to success?

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