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European business forum on vocational training Publié le: 27/05/2012

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Date de l'événement: 07/06 > 08/06/2012
Lieu: Brussels
- (Belgium)
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Register now for the first European Business Forum on Vocational Training dedicated to "Challenges and trends in skills and career development of the European workforce."<br/>

At the seminar Companies´approaches to skills development of both adult workers and young people will be reviewed.

Amongst other questioins like the following ones will be discussed:

Will the trend for competence development over hiring new talent continue?

Why does formal training generally constitute the smallest percentage of competence development? Is this the most effective approach?

Are large companies best placed to provide technical training internally or can external providers develop technical training to meet the needs of large enterprises?

What are the main advantages and drawbacks of the identification and nursing of talent?

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