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40/G/ENT/CIP/12/B/N/02S03 - Facilitating Transnational Low Season Exchanges in Europe through the Development of Social Tourism (CALYPSO) Avaldatud: 02/05/2012, Viimati muudetud: 11/07/2012

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The overall objective of this call for proposals is to support tourism-related public authorities to team up with private stakeholders to be able to undertake in the forthcoming future trans-national low season exchanges in the CALYPSO target groups.

The specific objectives are :

  • To Support Public-Private Partnerships in Setting Up, Developing and/or Strengthening CALYPSO structures in specific countries.
  • To provide networking opportunities enhancing collaboration between public authorities and private stakeholders, in order to promote low season trans national exchanges in any (one or more) of the four CALYPSO target groups (Seniors, Youths, People with Disability, Families with low income).
  • To illustrate how specific project deliverables could be linked to the use of the Calypso web platform, as a means to facilitate the continuation of projects beyond the co-financing period.
  • To conduct relevant studies that could improve the knowledge base and eventually facilitate low season exchanges.

Questions on this call for proposals can be submitted in writing by sending an e-mail to :

Please find the Call text and other relevant documentation below.

Please note that electronic submissions of project proposals using the EPSS system are mandatory this year. 

Please follow the link below to upload and submit your proposal :

Part B documents prepared on the basis of the templates provided on this webpage before the activation of the Electronic Proposals Submission System may also be uploaded by following this link.

Please read the Guide for Applicants (see below) very carefully before starting the electronic submission. You will also find the EPSS Guide for Submission on the EPSS website.

Please note that the deadline for electronic submission is 11th July 2012, 17.00 hours (Brussels time).

As additional information (including the updated list of the call's questions & answers) shall be posted on this webpage during the publication stage, we encourage you to visit this page regularly.

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