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Come to Cyprus in November and discover the results of the 3rd FP7 Space Research call Julkaistu: 20/06/2012, Viimeisin päivitys: 18/12/2012

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Ajankohta: 15/11 > 16/11/2012
Paikka: Palm Beach Hotel
Larnaka Dekelia Road - 6303 Larnaca - (Cyprus)
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This scientific conference presented the results of the FP7 Space Research Programme and also investigated future options for European research in the space field.

Second FP7 Space Conference - Larnaca, Cyprus





The second FP7 Space Conference that took place in Larnaca on 15-16 November 2012 gathered around 200 participants - space experts, researchers and industry stakeholders, personalities from European and international space science and research organisations, coordinators and members of FP7 funded research projects, representatives of national space administrations and space agencies, as well as high level EC and ESA officials.

The conference aimed at enhancing awareness of FP7 space results amongst policy makers, scientists and journalists and at strengthening international cooperation.

It explored such topics as: space research to monitor environment and climate; space research for sustainable economic growth; space research at the service of citizens; exploration of the universe and the solar system; comprehension of solar-earth interactions; development of new space technologies; human habitats in space; future direction of European space research; and - last but not least - international cooperation in space endeavours.

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