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Crossroads of Europe, 2012: Cultural and religious routes Avaldatud: 20/04/2012, Viimati muudetud: 02/12/2014

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Ürituse kuupäev: 06/06 > 10/06/2012
Toimumiskoht: Teatro Fraschini
Pavia - (Italy)
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'Crossroads of Europe' is an annual event highlighting places and routes in Europe associated with a coming together of different cultures. The aim is to promote cooperation and exchange, and to raise awareness of the potential for a new kind of tourism.

Cultural and religious routes
For this first year, the focus was put on cultural and religious routes.
A conference and a fair were hosted by the Italian city of Pavia – located at the crossroad of five cultural routes that once attracted people from all over Europe, united by their shared values. 
  • Public conference: 'Religious tourism and pilgrimage routes', 7 June 2012
    This public conference aimed to stimulatie interest in pilgrimage routes and raise awareness of the need for sustainable tourism that respects nature and cultural traditions
  • Fair 6-10, June 2012
    The fair comprised stands, exhibitions, photo and video competitions, cultural events and food tastings

Programme of the event

Presentations made at the Conference

Session I
"Cultural tourism and local development" - Mr Greg RICHARDS, Tourism Research & marketing
"Tourism linking cultures on the Silk Road"  - Ms Johanna DEVINE, United nations World Tourism Organization
"La bande verte et citoyenneté"  - Mr Antoine SELOSSE, European Cultural Route of St Martin de Tours
"Paysage et sites casadéens"  -  Mr Robert FLAURAUD, President of the Casa-Dei European Network
"Historic hotels : a new way to discover cultural routes" - Ms Barbara AVDIS, Historic hotels of Europe
"Danube Cultural Routes"  - Mr Boris CAMERNIK, General Secretary of the Danube Competence Centre

Session II
"TripAdvisor and the Silk Road experience"  - Ms Helena EGAN, TripAdvisor
"Innovation on the promotion of local economy through cultural tourism" -
Mr Antonio COCCO, Director-General of ISNART-Unioncamere (National Institute for Tourism Research)

Session III
"Tourism and Accessibility"  - Ms Antonella CORRERA, European Commission
"Working to make Tourism accessible for all"  - Ms Annagrazia LAURA, Member of the Board of the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT)
"Facilitating the participation of people with disabilities to the Saint James Walk in Catalonia" - Ms Blanca CROS, Marketing Responsible for Cultural and Accessible Tourism in the Catalan Tourist Board
"Accessible greenways"  - Ms Mercedes MUNOZ, Director of European Greenways Associations

Session IV
"Un’innovazione legata al turismo culturale: Il Portale della Via Francigena"  - Ms Simonetta BONITO, Italian Ministry for Culture