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European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance: Phase II Zveřejněno:: 13/04/2012, Poslední aktualizace: 13/09/2013

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The overall purpose of this call is to extend the European Mobile and Mobility Alliance (EMMIA) in a second phase focused on a number of concrete and operational activities with special emphasis on promoting the further use of data and information from Earth monitoring and satellite navigation.

* Please note that the call text was updated on 18 June 2012.

Strand 1 (ENT/CIP/12/C/N02C02/1) calls for the development and testing of new voucher schemes aimed at promoting the further use of GMES and GNSS based services in mobile services industries. Such vouchers schemes could either directly support mobile services providers (“Type A”) or the users of such mobile services (“Type B”). Strand 1 of the call will be implemented through a one-step application procedure.

Please note that electronic submissions using the EPSS system are mandatory for Strand 1, following this link below.

The deadline for submission of full proposals is:
06/07/2012 - 6 July 2012

Strand 2 (ENT/CIP/12/C/N02C02/2) the large-scale demonstrators in support of GMES and GNSS based services should build on the concept of large-scale demonstrators, as proposed by the Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU and further discussed at the Europe INNOVA Annual Partnering Event "From Europe INNOVA to large-scale demonstrators and European Innovation Partnerships" that took place in Berlin in October 2011 and at a workshop on ”The concept and role of large-scale demonstrators as a tool for modern industry policy” in Copenhagen in December 2011.

Such demonstrators should show how GMES and GNSS based services can be implemented on a large scale, by either addressing specific societal challenges or following a broad-based approach in support of new industries driven by GMES and GNSS based service innovation.

Strand 2 will be implemented through a two-stage application procedure:

1. [update 18.06.2012] It is no longer necessary to include with the concept note neither the Exclusion Form D nor the supporting documents referred to in section 6 (forms A2, A3, A4 and A5).

Form A1 is still mandatory, using the template listed below.

2. The second stage shall include the submission of a full proposal with a detailed description of the proposed overall strategy and of the specific activities of the action.

Please note that submissions of the concept note shall be made on paper. Electronic submissions are not possible. See the text call attached below for more details.

The deadline for submission of the concept note is:
27/06/2012 - 27 June 2012

Please note that additional information could be posted on this webpage so we encourage you to visit the page on a regular basis!


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