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CARS 21 public hearing Offentliggjort den: 04/04/2012

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Dato for arrangementet: 20/04 > 20/04/2012
Sted: Auditorium, Breydel building
Avenue d'Auderghem 45 - 1040 Brussels - (Belgium)
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The second CARS 21 public hearing will take place in Brussels on 20 April 2012.

By means of this second public hearing on CARS 21, the Commission seeks to engage a broader group of stakeholders into a discussion on the topics selected for the Final Report and contribute to policy recommendations, which will be presented in the report. During the hearing, the Interim Report, adopted in December 2011, will be presented and the additional topics to be covered will be introduced. These will be followed by the presentations from participants of the hearing. The main topics discussed will be the competitiveness of the industry, road safety, CO2 policy for light-duty vehicles and alternative energy.

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