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Call for tender - Preparatory action for the recycling of mixed plastics waste Publicado el: 30/03/2012, Última actualización: 27/06/2013

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The aim of the project will be to develop new recycling channels based on sustainable technologies and business models, to develop new technological solutions for the sorting and material recycling of mixed plastics waste, to optimise waste collection and to prepare the setting up of mixed plastics waste recycling facilities across Europe.

The recycling of plastics waste has increased substantially in recent years. However, whilst the recycling of 'pure' plastic waste streams (i.e. those made up mainly or predominantly of a single material) is rather well developed, there are still substantial problems to overcome as far as the recycling of mixed plastics is concerned, which are reflected in low recycling rates.

At the same time, the use of mixed plastics is becoming more and more popular because of their superior use phase characteristics. In order to address these problems, this pilot project is aimed at increasing the recycling of mixed plastics waste (post production and in addition also post consumption – End of Life Vehicles and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). It is expected to develop techniques and procedures for decreasing the quantity of unrecycled plastics waste to a minimum and at opening new markets for recycled plastics while not jeopardising the current single material recycling streams (e.g. for PET bottles, PE films or PVC building materials).


Please note that from 01/01/2012, all tendering documents relating to DG Enterprise are published through a Commission wide unique platform called "eTendering", consequently the tendering documents will not be published anymore here.

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