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Missions to help EU enterprises benefit from growth regions in the world Публикувано на: 20/03/2012, Последна актуализация: 02/04/2012

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European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani will continue his visits to growth regions in the world to help European enterprises, in particular small and medium sized enterprises, to better profit from fast growing emerging markets, such as in China or in South East Asia and Latin America.

Following the success of his missions to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in 2011, Mr Tajani will visit Latin America and the US in 2012. As it was the case on his visit to Brazil Mr Tajani intends to undertake these missions together with leading European business organisations and companies from the EU Member States.

The scope of the visits is to give a strong political signal on the importance the Commission attaches to industrial and economic relations with third countries.

He said: "Major non-EU markets with strong growth rates represent significant opportunities for EU enterprises. I attach particular importance to small and medium sized enterprises as they are Europe's main economic strength. To help them to better exploit their potential in the global arena is a clear priority to boost competitiveness and create employment."

In the context of this 'EU business Diplomacy' approach, the visits by Vice President Tajani and the Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry M. Daniel Calleja Crespo, who is also the EU´s Small Business Envoy, aim at:

  • Helping companies and SMEs to internationalise their activities;
  • Reinforcing industrial cooperation in areas such as industrial innovation, key enabling technologies, tourism, space and access to raw materials

The Vice President strongly believes that this new approach, where the EU Commission and the EU industry go together to a third country gives added value to the European action.

It is strongly in the interest of the EU to increase trade and investment flows, as part of a mutually beneficial relationship which will create jobs and growth from which we can obtain both positive and concrete results.

The missions will take place as follows from 23 to 27 April (mission lead by D. Calleja):

  • Brazil  23/24 April
  • Uruguay  25/04
  • Argentina 26/04
  • Chile   27/04

The list of participants in this mission is already complete.

And from 10 to 17 May (mission lead by VP Tajani):

  • USA   10-11/05
  • Mexico  14-15/05
  • Colombia 16-17/05

Expression of interest to participate in the visits

Enterprises are encouraged to accompany Mr Tajani and Mr Calleja during their visits to the above countries (please note that for the United States participation is open only to representatives of EU and national industry federations).

For further information on the missions for growth please contact:


Please note that companies interested in participating in the missions for growth cover their own travelling and accommodation expenses