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Making the Single Market work better: boosting Europe's potential for growth Offentliggjort den: 29/02/2012

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The Single Market celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012. In the past 20 years, the Single Market has helped create millions of jobs and make Europe increasingly competitive. But the job is not finished.

The Single Market needs to be constantly monitored and updated to make it work. Despite all the progress made, there are still many barriers to a fully functioning Single Market.

Today, the Commission also presents its first report on governance which sets out what is being done and what still needs to be done to make the Single Market fully operational. This of course includes infringement procedures for non-compliance with rules but goes much further with practical tools that can make a real difference. One of these is Solvit, a mechanism to sort out problems which citizens and businesses face in the Single Market. Although this tool has proven its effectiveness, and is appreciated by its users, it is confronted to new challenges and expectations. Today's package includes the publication a new strategy for Solvit, which puts forward 10 concrete proposals to make SOLVIT work even better.

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