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Promotion of electric vehicles technologies Opublikowano w dniu : 16/02/2012, Ostatnia aktualizacja: 27/04/2012

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The general objective of the call is to raise the level of social awareness about the high performance of electric vehicles and the benefits of their utilisation, at the same time that specific aspects that may have created a certain degree of public reluctance about the purchase of vehicles based on electric powertrains are addressed.

In consequence, the proposals should show capability of drawing public attention, whilst being able to treat the theme of electro-mobility in such a way that potential consumers are able to make a well-informed opinion on future electric cars.

The target audience of the action, apart from the general public, car enthusiasts and the media, shall also be specific groups of interest, such as vehicle manufacturers, components and energy suppliers, NGO's and governments. At this respect, the proposal shall gather a set of indicators in order to measure the level of achievement of the sought objectives among the targeted groups.

The call consists of two lots corresponding to separate specific objectives.

The applicants may participate in the two lots by submitting a proposal for each lot separately.

• Lot 1: Complete construction of an electric car designed for competition
• Lot 2: Organisation of a demonstration event with the presence of the electric car built for lot 1

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