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EU exports to China up by 21% and imports by 5% Objavljeno: 13/02/2012

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EU27 trade in goods with China has grown significantly over the last decade. EU27 exports to China rose continuously from 26 billion euro in 2000 to 113 bn in 2010.

Despite the general decline in EU27 exports in 2009, EU27 exports to China continued to increase. EU27 imports from China rose from 75 bn in 2000 to 248 bn in 2008, then declined to 214 bn in 2009, in line with the general fall in EU27 imports, before reaching a new peak of 283 bn in 2010. As a result, the EU27 trade deficit with China increased from 49 bn in 2000 to 169 bn in 2010.

The data for the first ten months of 2011 show a continuing growth in EU27 trade with China. EU27 exports to China grew by 21%, from 92 bn in the first ten months of 2010 to 112 bn in the first ten months of 2011, while imports rose by 5%, from 232 bn to 244 bn. As a result, the trade deficit decreased from 140 bn to 132 bn. In the ten months of 2011, China was the EU27's second most important trading partner after the USA, accounting for 9% of EU27 exports and 17% of EU27 imports.

On the occasion of the 14th European Union - China summit, which will take place on 14 February in Beijing in China, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, issues data on trade and investments between China and the EU.

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