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Estonian child Milena on Galileo satellite Offentliggjort den: 11/01/2012

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On 11th January 2012, an Estonian jury awarded the first prize in the Galileo drawing competition to 11-year-old Milena Kaznatsejeva. One of the satellites in the Galileo constellation will be named after Milena.

A young Estonian girl, Milena, born in 2000, is the winner of the Galileo Drawing Competition in Estonia and will have one of the Galileo satellites named after her. A jury panel, composed of Mart Noorma – docent in Tartu University / Laine Randjärv –Ülikooli dotsent - Laura Põldvere – singer/ laulja;  Laine Randjärv – Member of Parliament, former Minister of Culture /riigikogu liige, endine kultuuriminister chose Milena Kaznatsejeva's entry using criteria such as relevance of the drawing to the given topic, originality of expression and aesthetic appeal.

At an award ceremony that took place at the Estonian Commission representation in Talinn, Milena was presented with a certificate and a trophy representing the satellite that will be named after her.

The Galileo Drawing Competition

The Galileo Drawing Competition took place in each of the 27 European Union Member States and was open to all children living in these countries who were born in 2000, 2001 or 2002. The competition first ran in Belgium and Bulgaria, 10 April – 31 May 2011. It then opened in the remaining countries between 1 September and 15 November 2011. Children were encouraged to create a piece of artwork that represents the theme ‘Space and Aeronautics’. A jury of national personalities selected each country's winner who will have one of the satellites of the Galileo Programme named after them.

The Galileo Programme

Galileo is Europe's global navigation satellite system providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control. Galileo will provide three early services in 2014/2015 based on an initial constellation of 18 satellites: an initial Open Service, an initial Public Regulated Service and an initial Search-and-Rescue Service. The Galileo Programme Satellites are scheduled to be launched in phases as of 21st October 2011 and until the constellation is complete.

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