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EU DiSCwise Conference "Smart use of ICT in transport and logistics: Integrating SMEs in global digital value chains" Published on: 06/01/2012

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Event date: 16/02 > 16/02/2012
Location: WCO
Rue du Marché 30 - 1210 Brussels - (Belgium)
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DiSCwise is a European pilot action that aims to improve the information exchange between stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector and to operationally assist them in building digital supply chains with a co-modal approach. It is a project with a strong SME focus.

This is the final DiSCwise conference where innovation in logistics is portrayed and which you cannot afford to miss! Supply chain & logistics managers, IT developers, shippers, freight forwarders, transport operators, manufacturers and retailers will share their ideas about collaboration & interoperability in logistics!

Find out more on:

New logistics paradigms

  • the future of the transport & logistics industry - which are the key trends that will shape it?

Growth and jobs in logistics

  • how may the smart use of ICT in logistics help your business to grow?

Cost management

  • how can transport and logistics costs be reduced by jointly agreeing on common standards and processes?
  • how sharing and collaboration may contribute to containing the overall supply chain expenditure?

Addressing new challenges

  • how simple access to digital collaboration can benefit all parties in the logistics chain?
  • turning challenges into competitive advantages ... how?

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