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Conference on REACH & CLP Enforcement Veröffentlicht am: 20/12/2011, Letzte Aktualisierung: 03/08/2015

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Datum der Veranstaltung: 01/03 > 01/03/2012
Ort: Brussels
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The Conference, organised by the European Commission, gathered authorities and stakeholders from all REACH and CLP sectors.

Enforcement and competent authorities, companies – particularly small and medium enterprises (SME) -, industry associations, workers associations, non-governmental organisations (NGO), importers and only representatives (OR) and non-EU country representatives were invited to discuss how REACH and CLP are being enforced in the EU. Enforcement helps to achieve the objectives of these regulations and fosters an equal playing field for companies on the EU market.

The Conference focused on enforcement activities and on identifying good practices from both Member States’ authorities and stakeholders. Members of ECHA’s Forum (the Member State enforcement authorities’ network) presented their activities. More information about Forum activities.

The agenda 

The video recording of the conference was divided into four separate parts (no recording available).

Presentation slides and panel

Setting the scene for REACH&CLP enforcement

European Commission's view of REACH and CLP enforcement - Fulvia Raffaelli (DG ENTR) 

Enforcement in Germany - Katja vom Hofe (DE)  

Enforcement in Cyprus - Tasoula Kyprianidou–Leontidou (CY) 

Forum activities and European Commission studies

General presentation - Eugen Anwander (AT)  

European enforcement project 1 and interlinks - Mihaiela Emilia Albulescu (RO) 

European enforcement project 2 - Nikolay Stanimirov Savov (BG)  

European Commission’s enforcement studies - Bartlomiej Balcerzyk (DG ENV)  

Enforcement experiences from Stakeholders

Experiences with REACH and CLP enforcement in the chemical sector - Sandor Zuurendonk (Cefic/Ashland) 

REACH survey on consumers' rights - Sylvia Maurer (BEUC) 

Inspection experience in the smelting industry - Bernd Friede (Elkem) 

Looking ahead (panel discussion)

Expectations on enforcement (video recording (no recording available), choose part IV)