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GMES Workshop on Marine monitoring service Offentliggjort den: 20/12/2011, Seneste opdatering: 05/03/2012

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Dato for arrangementet: 25/01/2012
Sted: Auditorium Breydel
Avenue d'Auderghem 17 - 1049 Brussels - (Belgium)
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The workshop will offer the possibility to become familiar with existing services and discuss user needs in order to further emphasize their potential and stimulate the discussion among users.

Therefore, participants are encouraged to prepare short statements on existing or potential usage of data and services from GMES Marine monitoring in different areas such as marine safety, marine resources, coastal & marine environment and weather, seasonal forecasting and climate.

The draft programme for the upcoming workshop is available below.

The supporting presentations of this workshop can be found below as well.

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Contact: Workshop on Marine monitoring service