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Enterprise & Industry magazine n° 12 - December 2011 Veröffentlicht am: 16/12/2011, Letzte Aktualisierung: 15/09/2015

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Satellite navigation is playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. It facilitates precise in-car navigation, effective transport management and accurate search and rescue, to name but a few examples. Following the successful launch of the first two operational Galileo satellites, E&I magazine n° 12 focuses on how Galileo will benefit both European businesses and citizens.

We also visit 21 new European Destinations of Excellence thanks to the EDEN Initiative, which every year recognises achievements in sustainable tourism. In 2011, it focused specifically on the regeneration of physical sites, rewarding destinations that had successfully rehabilitated an aspect of local heritage and converted it into a tourist attraction.

Supporting Europe’s competitiveness requires robust industrial and SMEs policies at the national level along with effective EU-level coordination. We discuss two recent reports that offer a valuable insight into the current state of play across Europe, as well as identifying key areas for action.

We look at the next deadlines for the evaluation and registration of chemicals under the REACH regulation, and the tools developed to help companies fulfil their obligations.

Other articles examine the performance of European industry in the field of resource efficiency and sustainability, as well as the results of the EU’s Lead Market Initiative, which aims to create marketplaces for innovative products and services. As regards access to finance, a new voluntary European Code of Good Conduct for micro-credit provision has been launched. Finally, we look back on the achievements of the Enterprise Europe Network in 2011, and highlight some of the Best Practice Award winners.