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Chemicals - Inspections conducted from May 2010 to April 2011 Publicerat den: 07/12/2011, Senaste uppdatering: 03/09/2014

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FORUM has completed the second round of inspections of its first coordinated enforcement project. Its report focuses on the results of 791 inspections conducted from May 2010 to April 2011 in 19 countries of the Economic European Area on registration obligations and the Safety Data Sheets.

Manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors supplying are required to compile and supply a SDS at the first delivery of a substance or mixture to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

94% of the inspections were performed to check both the (pre-)registration and provisions of the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and 6% of the inspections were limited to the SDS provisions of the project. The inspected companies play different roles under REACH.

One company can also play different roles. The inspectors inspected 449 manufacturers, 278 importers, 38 only representatives and 436 downstream users.

Altogether non-compliance with the REACH obligations was observed in 152 (20%) of the inspected companies.

The non-compliance cases concern infringements to the registration provisions (25), SDS provisions (123) and other defects (18).

The prescribed measures undertaken as a result of noncompliance were: blame and shame (2), letters of appeal (36), administrative orders (42), fines (6), criminal complaints (3) and others (108) (multiple responses possible).

In order to achieve compliance after follow-up actions undertaken by inspectors, the companies initiated some of the following measures during the time of the project: subsequent registration assured (9), subsequent registration carried out (1) and other measures (97).

No further measures were taken in 61 cases.