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GMES Data & Information policy workshop Közzététel időpontja:: 02/12/2011, Utolsó frissítés: 23/01/2012

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Esemény dátuma: 12/01 > 13/01/2012
Helyszín: Auditorium Breydel
Avenue d'Auderghem 17 - 1049 Brussels - (Belgium)
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Workshop on GMES Data and Information Policy

The acquisition, processing and exploitation of Earth Observation data is at the centre of GMES activities, making the access to data and information a fundamental policy issue for all GMES stakeholders. In order to consult all interested parties, the Commission is organizing a two-day workshop on the data and information policy for GMES on January 12-13 in the Breydel Building.

As it has been said during the workshop, comments on the document "elements for a data and information policy" are welcomed till February 17th at

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