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Toward a Demonstration Programme on Crisis and Disaster Management Pubblicato il: 01/12/2011, Ultimo aggiornamento: 03/09/2014

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Data dell'evento: 25/01 > 25/01/2012
Luogo: Le Bouche à Oreille, Brussels
Rue Félix Hap, 11 - 1040 Brussels - (Belgium)
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The objective of the workshop organized by the "Security Research and Development" Unit (H.3) within DG Enterprise & Industry is to discuss the roadmap and priorities that should be taken into consideration for a future FP7 European demonstration programme (large scale research project) on crisis and disaster management.

The workshop will bring together a wide range of crisis and disaster end-users, security research stakeholders, civil society, first responder, crisis managers, public authorities, academia and industry.

The workshop will take place on January 25th, 2012 in Brussels at the Bouche a Oreille.


The programme will be divided into four sessions:

  • Toward a FP7 demonstration on crisis and disaster management (based on feasibilty studies ACRIMAS and CRYSIS)
  • R&D approaches and solutions of relevance for the demonstration programme
  • End user involvement
  • Suitable or potential demonstrations

A detailed agenda will be available soon. We kindly advise you to check for updates regularly.

Please register if you are interested in attending. Note that the workshop has only a limited number of participants. You will receive a confirmation of your attendance as soon as possible.

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