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EGNOS - free demo application toolkit now available Published on: 17/11/2011, Last update: 02/09/2014

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How can app developers enhance the GNSS position in their app with EGNOS? EGNOS is a European system providing higher accuracy than GPS over Europe. To help you benefit from the many advantages offered by EGNOS, the European Commission provides you with easy, ready to use EGNOS toolkits for free!

EGNOS is a European system providing higher accuracy than GPS over Europe through the use of geostationary satellites broadcast data used to correct GPS positions.

EGNOS offers an innovative feature - "Integrity" - that gives you a guarantee of your position and alerts you when GPS satellites data should not be trusted. It is of importance in case of solar activity peaks (like in 2012 and 2013) that can disturb satellites emissions. When the EGNOS satellite signals are not accessible (e.g. in urban canyons or under tree canopy) it is not a problem as EGNOS corrections can still be retrieved from the internet (with SISNeT or EDAS).

What is an EGNOS toolkit?

For anyone looking into a mobile device (receiver manufacturers, mobile phone developers) it is a source code ready for integration into a smartphone or a handset to benefit from EGNOS advantages thus to get a competitive advantage

For anyone creating new apps (app developers, researchers, universities students, etc.) this is a collection of software, a demo application and supporting materials that allows you to create innovative applications using EGNOS

For anyone who is just curious, it provides a great opportunity to understand the entire GNSS position computation chain from raw satellite signals to a GPS and enhanced GPS (EGNOS) position

Why use an EGNOS toolkit?

Since implementing EGNOS requires some specific skills, the toolkit helps you save time and energy by providing a ready-for-use source code and a demo application showing the advantages and possibilities offered by EGNOS.

As EGNOS is fully interoperable with other SBAS in the world such as the existing US WAAS, the toolkit onboard your receiver can provide its advantages in different parts of the world.

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