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CEN Workshop on standardisation of e-Invoicing Avaldatud: 10/11/2011, Viimati muudetud: 02/09/2014

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Ürituse kuupäev: 12/12 > 12/12/2011
Toimumiskoht: Diamant Building, Brussels
Boulevard Reyers 80 - 1030 Brussels - (Belgium)
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The mass adoption of e-invoicing within the EU would lead to significant economic benefits to European enterprises, in particular SMEs.

The Commission wants to see e-invoicing become the predominant method of invoicing by 2020 in Europe, and is committed to working in close cooperation with the Member States and all other stakeholders who will be instrumental to achieve such goal.

In this respect, standardisation plays a major role. Over the last years, during the first two phases, the CEN eInvoicing Workshop has produced many deliverables arious aspects of e-invoicing.

The results of Phase 3 will be presented and discussed with the participants during a public event that will take place on the 12 December 2011 in Brussels.

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