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‘Small Business, Big World a new partnership to help SMEs seize global opportunities’ Publicado em: 09/11/2011, Última atualização: 21/11/2011

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The priority for Europe now is to overcome the crisis boosting competitiveness and growth. Major markets such as China, India, Russia and Brazil, with strong growth rates and potential represent significant opportunities for EU companies.

Exports outside the EU to expanding markets could trigger new dynamism for European economy. Internationalisation is the step SMEs need to take and to seize these opportunities.

The objectives of the new EU strategy are:

  • To provide SMEs with easily accessible and adequate information on how to expand their business outside the EU.
  • To improve the coherence of support activities.
  • To improve the cost-effectiveness of support activities.
  • To fill existing gaps in support services.
  • To establish a level playing field and provide equal access for SMEs from all EU Member States.

The Commission will play a crucial role in the coordination and governance of this process, also through setting up a periodic ‘SME Internationalisation Forum’ and with a specific focus on this topic at the regular meetings of Member States’ SME Envoys. In all these activities the representatives of the private sector will be involved.

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