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Policy seminar - Lead Market Initiative and European Innovation Partnerships Publicado el: 07/10/2011, Última actualización: 02/09/2014

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Fecha del evento: 26/10 > 27/10/2011
Lugar: Hotel Novotel Centrum
ul. Marszałkowska 94/98 - 00/510 Warsaw - (Poland)
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This seminar aims to bring together about 250-300 participants from companies, public organizations, policy makers at EU-national and local levels, experts to discuss the assessment of the Lead Market Initiative and to develop future demand-side policy actions with regard to supply-side instruments.

Importance of innovation in Europe is obvious. The EU needs innovation to increase its global competitiveness, exploit its knowledge base, strengthen its economic position and face the grand challenges of the 21 st century.

In order to ensure a sustainable and competitive development of European economy on the international market it is very important to stimulate innovation: taking into account the needs coming from the market (demand-side policy – the “pull”) but also research and science outcomes (supply-side policy – the “push”).

The role of the innovation policy in the European Union should be strengthen and its instruments extended and developed. Though Europe plays a leading role in science, still, converting science-findings into commercially valuable innovations should be better coordinated. Innovation demand-side policy requires an appropriate balance with supply-side measures and the coordination of the LMI lessons learnt together with the EIP perspectives could play a significant role in delivering such balance in the European economy.