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Workshop on Competitiveness, Innovation and REACH Публикувано на: 04/10/2011, Последна актуализация: 03/08/2015

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Дата на проявата: 06/12 > 06/12/2011
Място: Brussels -
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DG Enterprise and Industry, in collaboration with DG Environment, hosted this stakeholders' workshop on the impact of the REACH regulation on the competitiveness and innovativeness of the EU chemical industry.

The workshop gathered more than 100 participants from the chemical sector, authorities and NGOs to discuss the findings of two studies launched by the Commission.

These studies were launched to assess the impact of the REACH regulation on the functioning of the single market, the competitiveness and ability to innovate of the EU chemical sector. They were prepared within the framework of the reporting and review obligations prescribed in the REACH regulation and the Commission decision to launch a broader review (taking into account the experiences acquired from the first years of implementation, with particular interest to costs and innovations).

The agenda 

Presentation slides


Ms Raffaelli (DG ENTR, European Commission) 

Session on Competitiveness

Study findings – Mr Tsamis (CSES)

Feedback – Mr Annys (CEFIC) 

Feedback – Mr Fischer (UEAPME) 

Feedback – Mr Waeterschoot (EUROMETAUX) 

Session on Innovation

Study findings – Mr Smit (CSES) 

Feedback – Mr Annys (CEFIC) 

Feedback – Ms Telcs (ORGALIME)  

Feedback – Mr Freunscht (UNILEVER) 

Feedback – Ms Gilbert (GAIA) 


Conclussions – Mr Smit (CSES) 

Next Steps – Mr Kubicki (DG ENTR, European Commission)