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Measurements instruments, right-hand vehicles, electronic waste: Free movement of goods hampered Veröffentlicht am: 04/10/2011, Letzte Aktualisierung: 01/09/2014

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Brussels 28 September 2011: The European Commission has requested that Finland, Poland and Slovakia change current rules and practices concerning measurements instruments, right-hand vehicles and electronic waste. Legislation in these Member States is hampering the free movement of goods in these fields.

Finland to comply with EU rules on measuring instruments

So far, Finland has not implemented new EU rules, which reinforce the accuracy and performance of measuring instruments. They improve consumer protection against measurement errors. In particular, the new rules increase protection against biased errors of measurement, as for example, on one's energy bill or at the petrol pump.

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 Right-hand vehicles cannot be registered - Poland referred to Court

The European Commission decided to refer Poland to the EU's Court of Justice because it maintains obstacles to the registration of right-hand drive vehicles in Poland. National legislation requires that the steering wheel is placed on the left-hand side of the vehicle. That means that, in practice, new and used cars with right-hand drive cannot be registered. The Commission considers that these restrictions constitute a disproportionate barrier to the import of such vehicles from other EU Member States (e.g. by citizen returning to Poland after having worked in the United Kingdom).

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Slovakia to comply with EU rules on circulation of waste for recovery

The European Commission has requested Slovakia to change its waste legislation in order to comply with EU rules on the free movement of goods. The present Slovakian legislation requires that electronic and electrical waste arising in the Slovak Republic should preferably be recovered within the country. Due to this provision, permissions to export waste to other member States were systematically denied. The Commission considers that this requirement violates EU rules on the free movement of goods.

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