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Fourth annual Conference on European Union space policy Offentliggjort den: 28/09/2011, Seneste opdatering: 01/09/2014

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Dato for arrangementet: 08/11 > 09/11/2011
Sted: European Parliament
Brussels - (Belgium)
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Europe, as with any country or grouping of states around the world, can no longer do without space technology.

Space has long since emerged from its strictly scientific confines, reaching beyond space exploration in order to offer a multitude of “earth-based” tools and services that now form an indispensable part of our daily lives: not just in the fields of telecommunications, meteorology and satellite navigation, but also in less well-publicised areas such as the management of harvests, the observation of the poles and ocean surveillance.

The consensus is that these applications are vital in terms of the preservation of the planet, security, mobility, industrial capacity, protection of critical infrastructure, etc. They are, however, in their infancy, and in a world of increasing competition, ensuring that they are developed in a way that maximises the benefits they offer to citizens and to society will require, more than ever, a concerted effort from all public and private actors and the mobilisation of critical funding.

In order to meet the serious challenges posed by globalisation, the European Union has developed an ambitious growth strategy from here to 2020, within which the new space policy envisaged in the Lisbon Treaty forms an integral part. The large-scale programmes already under way as part of European space policy, such as the satellite navigation systems, EGNOS and Galileo, or GMES, the earth observation and monitoring system, address fully the three main priorities of the 2020 Strategy: increasing public and private investment in research and innovation, ensuring large-scale creation of new jobs and improving the tools available for addressing climate change and protecting the environment.

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