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Supporting Public Procurement Of Innovative Solutions: Networking And Financing Procurement

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The present call for proposals aims at supporting public procurers in purchasing new and improved solutions, products and services in areas of grand societal challenges as defined by Innovation Union communication.<br/>

This objective is to be realised through establishing trans-national networks to enable Contracting Authorities (as defined by Directives 2004/18/EC and 2004/17/EC) and organizations supporting innovation procurement:

  • to offset the additional risks and costs,
  • to collaborate to create a critical mass,
  • to test the feasibility and implementation modalities of a future EU support scheme.

The call for proposals has two strands:

  • Strand 1: to develop public procurement of innovative solutions (preparation phase and implementation phase)
    It aims at:
    • Creating buyers groups dedicated to prepare for the procurement of innovative solutions (including needs assessment, market consultation (involvement of the supply chain (in particular European SMEs)), specification development, risk management), and the actual procurement process (including defining the conditions for the collaboration between contracting authorities, sharing resources in the evaluation of bids and related procedures, translations and publicising the calls for tender);
    • and, with the possibility to implement within the time-line of the project a public procurement of innovative solutions co-financed by the European Union; resulting in the first application / commercialisation of innovations of European Union relevance which have already been technically demonstrated with success but which, owing to residual risk, are not yet commercially available in the market in which the procurement authority operates. This includes solutions based on existing technologies that are to be utilised in a new and innovative way, as well as non-technological innovations. The solutions have to be new to the contracting authority and new to the Internal Market
  • Strand 2: to create and run a European platform dedicated to "public procurement as tool for innovation"
    It aims at:
    • developing a European platform to support the use of public procurement as tool for innovation policy, aiming in particular at making widely available know-how on public procurement procedures for innovation procurement (e.g. PPI & PCP), and state-of-the-art solutions accessible to other procurers.

The two strands will complement national and regional efforts by adding a European dimension through mutual learning and concrete actions.

The deadline for the submission of proposals to strand 1 and strand 2 is 27/09/2011.

An information day for the call for proposals was organised in Turin (Italy) on 27/06/2011.
Information day power point presentations and questions are available at:
Live web-stream:

A Linked-in group "Supporting public procurement of innovation" has been created to help potential bidders to the call for proposals in the partner finding process.

Corrigendum 06/07/2011:
Please note that in Model grant agreement the following articles have been updated :
article I.4.3 details relating to the purchase of innovative products
article I.5    audit requested for final payment, but not for interim payment
article I.11  updated version

New 22/09/2011 - Questions and Answers have been published


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