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Feasibility study for an EU Monitoring Mechanism on Key Enabling Technologies Published on: 09/06/2011, Last update: 11/07/2011

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98/PP/ENT/CIP/11/C/N01C041 -

The purpose of this call for tender is to prepare a feasibility study on a monitoring mechanism (an observatory) to follow-up, measure and appraise the deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (hereinafter referred to as "KETs") in the EU. Moreover, the contractor shall execute a pilot launch of the developed monitoring mechanism for a period of 6 months.

In a Communication of September 2009 (COM (2009) 5121) the Commission acknowledged that while the EU has a good KETs research base it is less successful in translating these results into manufactured products. The deployment of KETs – meaning the manufacture of KETs-based products – by EU industries was identified as a vital need in order to renew the industrial base and ultimately allow the European economy to remain globally competitive.

The ultimate objective of the service contract resulting from this call for tender is to provide EU, national and regional policy makers with information to better develop and implement industrial policies regarding the deployment of KETs. Further, it should provide stakeholders with relevant information of the impact of KETs on the competitiveness of the industrial sectors in the EU, with reference to that of other competing economies (e.g. USA, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Switzerland and Canada).

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