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Sector-specific Guidance on the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights (99/PP/ENT/CIP/11/E/N02S001) Publicerat den: 08/06/2011

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The objective is to develop sector-specific guides on the corporate responsibility to respect human rights in three different sectors.

DG Enterprise and Industry has been selected as pilot DG for the implementation of an e-tendering platform to manage call for tenders.

This platform has a direct link to TED. The first phase of the pilot project is now « online » and consists of the publication of call documents and the management of questions and answers on the specifications.

Some of our calls will be launched only via this new platform. This is one of them.

As soon as the contract notice about this call is published on TED, which is expected in the next few days, please use the link below, which you can also retrieve from the contract notice, annex A.II, to get access to all tender documents.

The documents will always be visible and downloadable but if you ‘register’ to the call by simply adding your e-mail address and a password, you will be able to ask questions and you will be informed automatically on all changes that may be published (additional documents, answers to questions, ..).

Thank you for joining us in this pilot project.