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Galileo Childrens Drawing Competition - Award Ceremony Publicēts: 31/05/2011

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Pasākuma datums: 29/06 > 29/06/2011
Vieta: Technopolis, Technologielaan, 2800 Mechelen
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The Belgian winner of the Galileo Children's Drawing Competition will be announced at an award ceremony in Mechelen on 29th June at 15h00. The 3-member jury will be present at the ceremony. They are: Mr. Dirk Frimout, Belgian astronaut, Minister Sabine Laruelle and Mr. Christian De Bruyne Head of the European Commission's representation in Belgium. The Belgian winner will be presented with their trophy and their certificate by Mr. Heinz Zourek, Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry at the European Commission.<br/><br/>The certificate confirms that the winning child's name will be given to one of the two Galileo IOV satellites which will be launched from the European space port in Kourou, French Guiana on 20th October 2011.

The award ceremony takes place in Technopolis, Mechelen, a venue selected for its dedication to the sciences and technology, while maintaining a strong educational focus.

For further information, please contact the spokesperson of Vice President Tajani: Carlo Corazza (e-mail: tel: 02/2951752) or Andrea Maresi (e-mail: tel: 02/2990403).