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Why we need Galileo

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European Commission.

A lot of people would like to know why we are investing public money in the European satellite navigation programe Galileo, when we already have the Global Positioning System (GPS). One of the key reasons is precisely that Galileo is European.

The examples given in this brochure are part of the reason why I believe that the EU must have an independent satellite navigation infrastructure to guarantee the provision of services that have become so central to our economy and jobs and on which our quality of life, health and safety depend" says Vice President Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry Antonio Tajani.

In the European Union, and around the world, satellite navigation applications are now numerous and varied and are playing key roles both in business and in the daily lives of citizens and communities.

This brochure is intended to serve as a reminder of just how important satellite navigation applications have become in the European Union. The stories are fictitious, the people in them are not real, but the descriptions of what would happen if satellite navigation signals were no longer available are very accurate.

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