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Legal action against Member States for not complying with internal market legislation Publicado el: 19/05/2011

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In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against 27 Member States for failing to comply properly with their obligations under EU law. These decisions cover many sectors. They aim at ensuring proper application of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses. DG Enterprise and Industry today contributed three cases of infringement.

> Commission requests France to align safety standards of hoods for protection of fire-fighters

This case refers to the Commission's request for France to amend the safety standards of the hoods of fire-fighters, which would enable greater free trade within the EU. They must not impose requirements that are not specified under the European harmonised standard.

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> Free movement of goods: Commission asks Spain to comply with EU rules on authorisations for motor vehicles

The Commission is requesting that Spain changes its current legislation that grants authorisation to motor vehicles and to observe the rules set down by the EU. The present Spanish legislation states that a heavy goods vehicle should not have been registered for the first time more than 5 months before to obtain an "authorisation of supplementary private transport".

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> Free movement of goods: Commission requests Greece to facilitate the selling of "bake off" products

The European Commission has asked Greece to amend its current legislation on the minimum surface areas for the preparation of bakery products produced, which is currently 24.99m2. It should be changed in favour of the ‘bake off’ method, which consists of quick thawing followed by re-heating or baking, at sales outlets, of fully or partially pre-baked and frozen products.

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