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FRONTEX - How innovative methods and technology may help border control security Publié le: 13/05/2011, Dernière mise à jour: 27/06/2013

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On 20-22 September Frontex will hold a workshop on innovative methods and technology for detection of suspicious behavior during passengers’ screening and interviewing in the first line of border control.

The aim of the technology showcase is to stimulate border guards to think about how technology may in the future help them make better-informed decisions.

Frontex therefore invites relevant industry and researchers to showcase their innovative products/prototypes in various areas:

  • Deception detection
  • Accent/dialect identification
  • Behavioural analysis and risk assessment
  • Covert/non-cooperative biometric identification (against watch-list)
  • Interview support (real-time data fusion and decision on coherence/consistency of information etc.)

Interested to participate in this event? Click here to read more.