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A new space policy for Europe: Independence, competitiveness and citizen’s quality of life Publicēts: 04/04/2011

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Improving the safety and daily lives of European citizens thanks to radio navigation, guiding tractors by satellite for high-yield crops, optimizing response to humanitarian crisis… This is not science fiction but just a few examples of innovations related to space technologies developed today. This crucial role of space is reflected in the European Commission communication presented today.

The Communication sets out the main priorities for the EU, which include ensuring the success of the EU's two flagship space programmes Galileo and GMES, as well as the protection of space infrastructures. Furthermore, it suggests to consider possible actions in space exploration. The Communication calls for wider support for research and innovation to increase European technological non-dependence and promote cross-fertilisation between the space industry and other industry sectors. The Communication calls for development of an industrial space policy and to increase international cooperation in space. In order to achieve these goals, Europe needs to maintain an independent access to space. The Communication also refers to the need for strengthened cooperation with EU Member States and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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