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Europe INNOVA Workshop: “Supporting the greening of industry through better environmental services Zveřejněno:: 31/03/2011

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Datum konání: 12/04/2011
Místo konání: Brussels, Charlemagne Building, Lord Roy Jenkins Room
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Europe INNOVA workshop at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011

This year, the topic of the Europe INNOVA workshop during the EU Sustainable Energy Week is “Supporting the greening of industry through better environmental services". The aim of this workshop is to explore how to better support small businesses, including crafts, in order to contribute to the "greening" of industry. "Greening" is a must for industries to stay competitive and keep their premises in Europe. But "greening" is also an opportunity to develop all-inclusive service packages to facilitate the implementation of environment-friendly solutions, like in the case of renovating a building. Many companies are already engaged in this process, but it is far from easy. "Greening" is often related to the presence of an eco-innovative solution based on an environmental technology: one role of environmental services is indeed to promote more environment-friendly solutions.

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