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Call for proposals: Promotion and development of world-class clusters in Europe Arna fhoilsiú an : 10/03/2011, Nuashonrú is déanaí: 26/09/2011

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The present call for proposals aims at further supporting the development of more world-class clusters in Europe under two strands:

  • Strand 1: Promoting international cluster activities in the CIP participating countries (3/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N04C011). This action aims at fostering European cluster cooperation in view of internationalisation strategies outside Europe, by building upon and further developing successful support schemes already implemented in some Member States.
  • Strand 2: Promoting excellence of cluster management in the CIP participating countries (4/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N04C021). This action aims at improving cluster management in Europe, by building upon and further developing the efforts carried out by the European Cluster Excellence initiative.

Please note that the submission process is different for the two strands of this call. For strand 1, a two-stage submission process is used, whereas for strand 2, a one-stage submission process is used. As a result, strand 1sets the deadline for the submission of a concept note as 10/05/2011 (the date for submission of the full proposal will be specified later and will allow at least two months for the preparation of the full proposal) whereas strand 2 sets the deadline for the submission of the full proposal as 10/06/2011.

CORRIGENDUM: Please note that the correct email address for this call for proposals is:

CORRIGENDUM: Please note that the list of non-EU member countries eligible to participate to this call has been updated.

CORRIGENDUM 12/05: Please note that the text of the call for proposal, section 4 on "EU Financing" for Strand 2 (p.11) has been updated.

Update 6 May 2011: A new version of the submission guide and the submission set (1) is published with updated web addresses to the forms for legal entity and financial identification.

Information day: An information day for the call for proposals was organised in Brussels on 4 May 2011. Presentations can be found below and video with presentations and Q&A session here .

06/06/2011 - Complementary information on Strand 2 of the call to indication of questions 24 and 32 under part C of the 'Question and Answers' document related to training benchmarking evaluators and trainings for instructors on using the cluster management training material available here

26/09/2011 - Questions and Answers - Strand 1, Stage 2 - published

02/09/2011 - Call for proposals updated with revised text on the visibility evaluation criteria on p.21 (as addressed in the Question 3 of the Q&A document -stage 2)

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