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More Information on the six substances to be phased out (applications and uses of the substances) Publicado el: 17/02/2011, Última actualización: 18/02/2011

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Six substances of very high concern will be banned within the next three to five years unless an authorisation has been granted to individual companies for their use. These substances are carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction or persist in the environment and accumulate in living organisms (IP/11/196 ). The following substances are concerned:

Musk xylene:

Used as an ingredient for fragrance mixtures for detergents, water softeners, fabric conditioners, cleaning agents, air fresheners and other household products.


Used as a hardener in epoxy resins for coatings and as hardener for the manufacture of certain types of pipes (filament wound pipes). Also used as hardener in adhesives.


Used as a flame retardant in insulation panels in the construction sector and in motor vehicles as well as in textile applications to comply with flame retardant standards in upholstered furniture, interior and automobile textiles.


Widely used as a plasticiser (which improves the material's flexibility and workability) in materials used for many indoor and outdoor products such as flooring, roofing, wires, cables, hoses, profiles, coated fabrics (e.g. in artificial leather for bags, book covers). Also used in mixtures such as adhesives, sealants, rubber, paints and printing inks.


Mainly used as a plasticiser in materials used for flooring, for coating of leather and textiles as well as in mixtures such as adhesives, sealants, paints and printing inks.


Specialist plasticiser used in interior and outdoor polymer applications (such as flooring) and advanced textile products.

Source: ECHA

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