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Does Corporate Responsibility Pay Off ? Publicerat den: 14/01/2011, Senaste uppdatering: 13/02/2014

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Europe should develop sector-specific approaches on corporate social responsibility (CSR) to help boost the competitiveness of its industry, says a new report requested by the Commission. The report looks at the connections between CSR and competitiveness in three sectors: chemicals, textiles and construction.

A new report, written for the European Commission by a team from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, explores the links between CSR and competitiveness in three European industrial sectors: construction, textiles and chemicals

It takes into account the different competitiveness issues and societal demands regarding each sector and carrying out an important approach for designing and implementing future CSR initiatives. RIMAS Report

This report has been written considering and analyzing the three sectorial projects financing by the EC, which shows how corporate social responsibility (CSR) can drive competitiveness in the construction, textile and chemical industry.