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Inauguration of the Kiruna Galileo Ground Station Gepubliceerd op: 17/11/2010, Laatste bijwerking: 02/12/2010

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Datum: 13/12/2010
Plaats: Kiruna Galileo Ground Station, Esrange Space Centre, Sweden
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The inauguration of the Kiruna Galileo Ground Station will take place on 13th December at 10h00 (by invitation only).

Galileo, Europe's navigation and positioning satellite system, is becoming a reality. Two precursor satellites are already in orbit and the first four operational satellites are soon to be launched. To monitor the constellation and ensure a good navigation signal, a complete network of ground stations is needed.

In 2005, the Swedish Space Corporation proposed hosting a Galileo Telemetry, Tracking and Command station at Kiruna, the site of the Esrange Space Centre facilities. This location, 150 km north of the Arctic Circle, perfectly complements the equatorial stations and ensures continuous coverage for the exchange of data between ground and in-orbit satellites.

The Galileo ground station at Esrange is now ready for operations and will be officially inaugurated on 13th December.